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Organic food not only tastes delicious and is the better nutrition, it is at the same time an active piece of environmental protection. The foundation of his company in 1996 caused Siegfried Schedel to devote himself completely to organic baking.

• All products are made according to the demanding Bioland guidelines, therefore the risk of contamination with conventional ingredients can be eliminated. Besides we work consequently without any food additives or flavours.

• All our bakery products are made without genetically modified organisms (GMO).

• All our wholemeal flours are always freshly grinded in our own mills within our company.

• For special bakery products the grain is always freshly germinated.

• Promotion of organic cereal breeding – Peter Kunz and Dr. Karl-Josef Müller: Bioland partner (cereal breeding and ground practitionsers).

• Our products are created by manual baking tradition and long-time experience of our master bakers in harmony with the most modern equipment.

Schedel – Der ökologische Backspezialist GmbH

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