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Fair principles


✓ Fair economic and trade relations

The main criteria are long-term trade relations,
joint planning quantities and quality and fair prices.
Cooperation in a fair and responsible way with our
suppliers, customers and employees is self-evident for us.

✓ Quality

We operate according to the guidelines of recognized agricultural associations. Product safety and hygiene are guaranteed by methods of quality assurance as well as permanent control and further development of processes and operations.

✓ Social responsibility

Employment subject to social security and fair wages are paid, our minimum wage is 12,50€/h., training opportunities for apprentices and further qualifications for staff are available. We actively communicate a healthy and ecological way of life to our team. The safety of the team is of highest priority.

✓ Regionality

All our raw materials originate 100% from organic cultivation. We source most of it regionally at highest Bioland quality standards.

Environmental criteria


✓ Use of waste heat

The waste heat of the production is used to heat the offices and production of hot water.

✓ Renewable electricity

The entire power supply is based purely on renewable energy. Co2-savings 1070 tons/year.

✓ Energy consumption

In 100g Schedel organic bakery products, the power consumption is only 0,107 kw/h.

Schedel – Der ökologische Backspezialist GmbH

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