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Baking preparation


1) Storage and picking the products

Please make sure that the cold chain is not interrupted since there is a risk that the products clump together or create ice crystals. Especially pretzel products are very delicate. Please relock the plastic bag carefully after removing the required amount of products so freezer burn will not develop.

Once the products are defrosted please do not freeze them again.

2) Preparation

It is very important to pre-heat the oven. Please make sure that the oven has already reached the required temperature before you put the products in.

The ideal placement of trays helps to achieve best baking results. That means the products should be placed with equal distance on the baking trays.

Amount of trays / amount of pieces per tray require an adjustment of temperature (less than half filled -> reduce the temperature, keep the baking time).

Please bake all pre-fermented bakery products on baking paper or on baking trays with Teflon foil.

About baking and placement of trays


Baking programs


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